REY_back“Doreen’s action group has changed my life. From the very first session, it helped me to re-prioritize my goals and see truths I’d been avoiding. 10 sessions in, I’ve accomplished all of my big goals, including finding a new manager, finishing 2 different writing projects, and starting up a lecture series I’ve been thinking about doing for years. I recommend her to everyone I know both loudly and frequently.”

~ Peter Gamble Robinson, Screenwriter, Los Angeles

WHO: You and six other people in a confidential, mastermind environment.

WHAT: A roundtable forum – within a structured format – dedicated to bring clarity and focus to your desires.

WHEN: Twice a month: Tuesdays 7:00pm, or Saturdays 3:30pm. Duration: 2 – 2.5 hours

Ongoing (See calendar)

3 Month Commitment.

Make-up days available.

WHERE: Private residence in Valley Village. Easy, free parking. Exact address will be emailed after enrollment.

HOW: Phone Interview Required. Email me to to set up your enrollment interview and desired day of attendance (TuesdayS or SaturdayS) at Put “Action Group” in the subject line.

“(2015) Action group is the best. I didn’t think I needed help with goal setting and accountability but I was WRONG. My first session was so embarrassing – I was in tears over my financial situation, but in a few months I’d gotten out of my own way and now have steady income in a field I LOVE. I’ve joined SAG, booked a second co-star, created a website, edited my reel, recorded a VO demo and narrated 25 audiobook titles for! Can’t say enough good things about Doreen and the Recognized Actor!”  ~ Joy Nash, Series lead in AMC’s Dietland

WHY: Because you know there’s something more inside of you just dying to get out.

COST: $120  – $20 cash back (or credit) for perfect attendance!

Teas, Coffee and Filtered Water provided.

“Doreen provides a safe place for you to love where you are, figure out where you want to go and how you want to get there. She believes that enjoying the ride is as important as accomplishing the goal.” ~ Kathleen C., Playwright/Filmmaker, Echo Park, CA

I formed the first Action Group™ in 2008, in order to support independent artists.

Several Action Groups later, I rediscovered WHY I formed them:

I named my company The Recognized Actor, because I believe that every person’s deepest desire is to be seen. Some confuse this with fame, but it’s really recognition – recognition for what we contribute to our tribes. If we look outside of ourselves for it, we are seduced into traps like following rules, people-pleasing, or working “hard”. I’ve learned, however, that outside recognition – because of its transitory nature – is never satisfying. The only satisfying recognition comes from within. Self-acceptance. When we accept who we are (an ever-evolving process) our real values rise to the surface, and we discover that most old beliefs actually belong to someone else. When we accept where we are, we let go of comparisons and the need to live someone else’s life. We become mindful of our habits, and begin to make right choices. We are exemplary in the smallest of tasks. We experience joy in conscious living. And finally, we realize that all of our desires already exist, and that the only thing – the only thing – keeping us from them is resistance.