MY BREAKTHOUGH YEAR – Marketing & Career Strategy for an entire year!

Do you cringe knowing that you “should” be mailing announcements and follow-ups more often, but find it tedious and boring? Do you wonder if your card ever got there? Are you confused about which type of mailing is right for you? Have you just finished a marketing seminar that includes postcards in the strategy but you still need guidance? Do you just plain need accountability? With the “MY BREAKTHROUGH YEAR” package you will see and feel tangible results within the year.

You won’t have to lift a finger:

  1. Uncover your real goals, real needs and real desires in a 90 minute Intake Session.
  2. 30 Minute Phone Consult every month.
  3. Four Announcement Cards printed, stamped, labeled and mailed to all active casting directors. (approx. every 3 mos.)
  4. Personalized Drop Off Card (100 count).
  5. Web-friendly version of your cards for social media.
  6. A one-year subscription to navigated for you.
  7. Casting Director list from each mailing including their projects.
  8. Automatic enrollment in Action Groups, an exclusive mastermind group focusing on community and accountability.
  9. Unlimited email access.
  10. $250/mo.

Total: $3000 or $250/mo.                Pay in Full: $2640 to SAVE $360!

How It Works:

This is a partnership.  I will give you Accountability Dates when I will contact you – you never have to worry about missing a mailing! You will have fun brainstorming your message, communicating your essence, seeing what projects you really want to target, and redefining your values.

Confidence is based on accomplishments, not on other people’s opinions. When you stretch yourself to do what is “hard”, it suddenly becomes easy. You will be working at a higher level, and it will benefit every other area of your life (and career).  There is nothing more attractive than a confident actor, and I will be there to help you.

Still not sure? Schedule a 30 minute consult here.