The Recognized Actor’s Q & A

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This is the most economical and flexible on-line coaching you can get! Every two weeks, actors meet on-line via the free app, Zoom. Participants can use any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone.

We open with a specific topic, explore it, and move on to your personal questions for an entire hour. You have the flexibility to jump on a few minutes late, or leave the meeting early. You get to see the other people in your group so you can create real community. All meetings are recorded so afterwards, you’ll receive a downloadable link. Listen to a sample here:

Do I Need A New Agent?

Get two full hours a month of insider information along with a fresh perspective you’ll get nowhere else. Just $10/meeting. Eight meetings left in 2019: September 12 & 26, October 10 & 24, November 7 & 21, December 5 & 19th

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Once you make your payment, you’ll receive an invitation link to the next meeting along with the opening topic and password. NOTE: You will need a password for every meeting!

Action Group members automatically receive a free subscription that coincides with their three month session.