What is The Recognized Actor?

Doreen Calderon, owner of The Recognized Actor, is a Los Angeles-based Actress who also works in Chicago and Vancouver. http://www.imdb.me/doreencalderon. As her acting career expands, so does her commitment to share her wealth of experience. Doreen coaches fellow actors to understand the nature of actors, the nature of the business, and most importantly, the nature of life.

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“Quit thinking so much, just show up, and play!”  ~Doreen Calderon, The Recognized Actor

The heart of my work lies in transformative conversationsWhat the hell is that? you may ask. It’s – in my opinion – elevating coaching to a higher level. It allows you to see for yourself the truth of a situation instead of paying a coach to “fix” a problem. Clients leave with fresh insight, a peaceful feeling, and knowing exactly what to do next.
So if you want clarity around
1. What it is you want, and
2. What it is you’re up against
then Transformative Conversations (fka Coaching) may be for you.

Whether you choose to set goals in Action Group, or your prefer Private Coaching,  you will always have access to Resources, Support, Clear Guidance and Accountability. 

Episode 19, Season 2: Dream it! Dare it! Do it! Live the life you want with Coach Jasmyne

How The Recognized Actor began:

From 2012 – early 2020, I worked with committed, driven actors who knew they should be doing their marketing, but weren’t. Essentially, all actors. I taught them how marketing was just one part of branding. I helped them define their brand, and communicate it to the industry. I then showed them how marketing is just one part of networking, and networking is nothing more than letting people know who you are:

It’s not who you know. It’s who knows you.


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