I got a thank you card today. Well, it wasn’t really a card so to speak. It was an e-card with a pre-formatted “Thank You”, and they had typed in a quick message. At first I was glad to know that they had received the birthday gift I dropped off, but then I stood back and observed how removed our personal contact has become. generic_thank_you_I used to think that emails were impersonal, but now I appreciate them more (personal emails that is). I understand how busy we are, and that a thank you is still a thank you, but I also know the remarkable difference a personalized letter can make.

Industry professionals get bombarded with Tweets, Facebook plugs, and emails, but how many of them get personal letters from us? Or even postcards with handwritten messages? Yes, as actors we often must cover a lot of ground and send out cards to a lot of casting directors in the most economical way, but we also need to pepper in the personal, the sincere, the detailed communication that creates human contact. After all, isn’t that what makes human relationships . . . human?

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