DOREEN CALDERON – Graphic Design

When I began my career as an actor in Chicago, personal computers where rare and cost thousands of dollars. Determined to get my message out there, I would literally cut and paste photos and articles, Xerox them, and mail them out. When the Reader finally reviewed my ImprovOlympic team, Mr. Blonde, I raced to the Kinko’s! Years later, when I moved to Los Angeles, I relied on the skills and equipment of graphic shops to make my postcards – I now had TV logos to scan! In 2005, I realized it was time to obtain another skill to support my acting career – years of sporadic catering and data entry jobs were getting me down. I chose graphic design, but didn’t know why . . . It just sounded fun. The beauty of focusing on academia relieved me of my “actors’ desperation”, and naturally I  booked more work

Doreen\’s Commercials

which in turn paid for my computers and software programs.  It was just a few months before my graduation when I realized I could do for others what I had been doing for myself all along – create marketing materials for actors.

Doreen works at her computer

Designing at the Computer

I love having two careers that compliment each other. I am eager to brainstorm and partner with other actors and creatives. My goal is to learn and stretch my limits everyday.