Are you an experienced artist in the industry who wants to achieve your goals without a to-do list? Would you like to find a community of equal peers? This is where professionals meet every two weeks, for 3 months. Action Group gives artists accountability, clear vision, and direct actions that are tailor-made for you.
New applicants, schedule your interview appointment HERE.


* Experience artistic flow.
* Live without overthinking.
* Enjoy a community of professional peers.

Tuesday Evenings: Apr. 4th & 18, May 2nd & 16, June 13th & 27 (Wednesday morning group will be added if there’s overflow.)


Join this intimate Mastermind group (on-line) every two weeks where you commit to your three-month goal, get private coaching in a group setting, and be held accountable!

PLUS access to the Secret FB Group where insider information is shared and support is given between meetings!!

All participants are vetted. Request an enrollment interview HERE.


“Committing to Action Group was the “first domino” in creating my current situation. With AG’s support and encouragement, over the past 4 years I set and accomplished numerous small but steady goals that have resulted in measurable progress. From joining SAG to revamping my living situation to starting and ending relationships, it was vital for me to have a group of people whose support and advice I could rely on the help me propel myself in the direction I wanted to go. AG helped me to refine my focus and put me in community with like-minded, positive people all learning from and with each other. I’m so grateful you invited me to join!! 

~ Joy Nash, Series lead in AMC’s Dietland



HOW: Zoom Interview Required. Schedule yours HERE.

WHO: You and six other people in a confidential, supportive environment.

WHAT: A round robin structure – facilitated by me – dedicated to bring clarity and focus to your desires while providing accountability! Unsolicited advice and war stories don’t live in this space.

WHERE: On-line meetings. Exact link will be emailed after enrollment.

WHEN: Each group meets twice monthly, for approximately 2.5 hours.

Tuesdays Evenings 7:00pm – 9:45pm PST

Fall, Winter, Spring, & Summer  Sessions

3 Month Commitment.

Make-up days available for professional emergencies only.

The first version of Action Group™ was formed in in 2008, in order to support independent artists. Several years later, I rediscovered WHY I formed it:

I named my company The Recognized Actor, because I know that every person’s deepest desire is to be seen. It’s not the desire for attention or fame, but the real need for recognition – recognition for what we contribute to our tribes. When we rely on outside recognition, we are seduced into traps like following rules, people-pleasing, or working “hard” to prove ourselves. Outside recognition, because of its transitory nature, is never satisfying. The only satisfying recognition comes from within. Self-acceptance. When we accept who we are (an ever-evolving process) our real values rise to the surface, and we often discover that many of our old values… actually belong to someone else. When we accept where we are, we let go of comparisons. When we accept who and where we are, we become mindful of our habits, and begin to make right choices. Suddenly, we are exemplary in the smallest of tasks. We experience joy in conscious living. And finally, we realize that all of our desires had been laid at our feet the whole time, and that the only thing – the only thing – keeping us from having them is resistance.