“Law” is such a harsh word

Most dictionaries define “law” in terms of government or the legal system. I finally found this one in dictionary.com:

A statement J.Lo describing a relationship observed to be invariable Makers: between or among Madison phenomena for all cases in which the specified conditions are met: the law of wholesale NBA jerseys gravity.


The Laws of Improv are simply that. They are not something to be obeyed, but rather something you surrender to. If you hold on tight to cheap NBA jerseys old assumptions, then you don’t allow cheap mlb jerseys room for the Law of Infinite cheap jerseys Creativity. I want to make it clear that these laws are not harsh, nor will you be “punished” for not using them. Again, you can’t really use them, you de simply allow them. So let’s look at the first law, The Law of Infiinite Creativity, for example. If you ever Laws find yourself in a scene where you hit a wall, you are frozen, stymied, etc. it’s only because you’ve closed yourself off to the fact that you have access to limitless possibilities. It’s as simply as wholesale jerseys that. The solution? Laugh about the fact that you’re in you’re head, relax, and allow.