“From the very first session, it helped me to re-prioritize my goals and see truths I’d been avoiding. 10 sessions in, I’ve accomplished all of my big goals, including finding a new manager, finishing 2 different writing projects, and starting up a lecture series I’ve been thinking about doing for years. I recommend her to everyone I know both loudly and frequently.”  ~ Peter Gamble Robinson, Screenwriter Office Uprising, Los Angeles

I work with committed, driven professionals who understand that it takes consistent actions and dedicated support in order to move forward. Intuitively, everyone knows what they need to do. My job is to point in a direction that provides the fresh thought needed to inspire right actions. You’ll never be told what you “should” do. Instead, you’ll do what you want to do.
Personalized Coaching
  • Meet as often as you like (recommended minimum, twice a month).
  • Work around your hectic schedule.
  • One full hour of exploration.
  • Experience Transformative Conversations that go beyond traditional types of Coaching.
  • Gain personalized strategies for your goals that reflect your definition of success, while uncovering life long blocks.
  • Schedule HERE – $125/hr
Seasonal Goal Setting (in sync with Action Group)
  • Seasonal Sessions – Winter (JAN.-MAR.), Spring (APR.-JUNE), Summer (JULY-SEPT.), Fall (OCT.-DEC.)
  • Work around your hectic schedule.
  • 20 Minutes twice a month on Zoom.
  • Get personalized actions that focus on your goal(s); you leave with set actions every two weeks.
  • The Secret Facebook Group provides access to resources, support and community with like-minded artists.
  • $300  – Three Months
“Doreen talks not to impress you with what she knows, but instead to empower you with thoughts that ignite in you actions for your greatness and way of being. Doreen doesn’t grandstand, but quietly and with focus delivers a wealth of precise information just for you.” 
~S.Ganz, Portland, OR
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