Playing to Play is Winning.

In my Action Groups, I notice how easily decisions are made when we are supported in a safe environment. When left to our own devices, however, we think… and think… and overthink a situation so much that we’re convinced there is no good decision after all, and we will have to live forever with our “bad” decision. Months later, we find ourselves in the same position as before, because we dared not take any action that did not come with a guaranteed result.

There are a few things that come to my mind.
1. Success is achieved by failing.
2. Nothing changes without action.
3. We will be fine no matter what.

2016 CUBS fans at the World Series

2016 CUBS fans at the World Series

Success is achieved by failing. Two weeks ago, I called talent agencies asking for a meeting. I wanted to quit before – literally right before –  I phoned the last one who actually said “yes”. Think about it. None of us learned to walk without first falling down. The greatest athletes “miss” more than they “hit”. Science itself is a discipline of experiments.

Nothing changes without action. Last year, when I ended my eleven-year relationship, I had no idea how I’d get by – at my age – on my own. I discovered parts of myself that I had hidden for years, and I found out that my life was just beginning. When we look at where we are in life – kids / no kids, partner / no partner, same job / new job – we can see how we are where we are because of a series of choices and actions.

We will be fine no matter what. A few years ago, I hit rock bottom financially, emotionally, and career-wise. This year, I booked more on-camera work than ever before, reestablished old friendships, and with a newfound sense of freedom I am living in the black. We are resilient creatures. Most of us have been through pretty tough times – some even horrific times – yet here we are, still dreaming, and still able to laugh.

So what do you want out of life? Are you willing to fall down first? Are you willing to take action no matter what? Are you willing to accept the strength of your own resilience?