THE ESSENTIAL CARD – 3 Months of Support!

Three Months of Support!

The buzzword these days is “brand”, and everyone’s trying to sell you yours. Guess what? You don’t need to buy what you already own! You already know what it is. You just haven’t figured out how to say it. I will excavate your true essence and help you communicate it! Do you need to know how and when to reach out to casting? Then this is for you. The Essence Card Package offers you some of the prime benefits of My Breakthrough Year in just three months. See examples here.

What You Will Get:

  • Essence* Strategy Session – covering who you are, what you bring to your roles and most importantly, your essence!
  • One Complete Design specific to you with tagline! (Includes two adjustments and final client approval)
  • 500 two-sided full color postcards! (Includes multiple photos)
  • Jpegs for emails & social media
  • Space for new announcements – this is key!
  • Theatrical Label guidance! Know what you didn’t know about
  • Six 1 hour Zoom private meetings (twice per month). Recordings included.
  • Group Zoom meetings between Check-ins. (minimum 4)
  • Unlimited email access for the next 3 months – get answers to questions like “Is this an effective message?”, “I forgot how to use Casting About – help!” “Why is my agent such a deadbeat?”

Total: $997 or $332/month            Pay in Full: $872 save $125!

*Essence Card can be replaced with an Intro Card (or Announcement Card) for those new or re-entering the biz!

How It Works:

This is a partnershipYou will have fun brainstorming your message, communicating your essence, seeing what projects you really want to target, and redefining your values. You will learn to create a calendar and a checklist so you can do this on your own with consistency!

One Essence Card per client per year.