Roller Coaster (of Love)

Where did the time go? All of September seemed like a slow trip up the roller coaster tracks. October is now teasing us with a little drop that circles once around before we plummet uncontrollably after Halloween, only to be strapped into that non-stop ride called the holidays. No doubt, this is fun. It’s filled with events and family activities, reasons for old friends to meet at the pub, reasons to dress up and be festive. But like I said, it is uncontrollable and non-stop. santa roller coasterWe give in to rich food and drink, racing to buy stuff for other people, neglecting our own needs and finances. No wonder everyone gets sick right before New Year’s Eve. We’re in the habit of blaming it on “flu season”, but really we’ve compromised our immune systems.

I may sound like a crazy person, but what if we planned health days like holidays? What if we marked our calendars with specific non-negotiable time dedicated to clean relaxation and self-nurturing? When we put “Judy and Steve’s party” on our calendar why not add “foot massage”? When we race around town checking off our gift list, why not check off green tea and probiotics for ourselves? Wacky, right? tai-chiPermit me be a full on nut case, and go further by proposing that we sign up for a restorative yoga or Tai Chi class? Whaaaat?

I love, love, LOVE roller coasters. They make me feel like I’m flying, and I laugh through most of the ride.  But I remember a time when I didn’t like them. I would shut my eyes and white knuckle it all the way. If we have to be strapped into one two months out of the year, why not make the ride a stress reliever instead of a stress inducer? Any suggestions?