Is Inertia a Dirty Word?

I’m walking through mud.

It literally feels like I’m walking through mud.

There’s this sudden, inevitable halting that is part of growth. Ugh, where did this mud come from, and why didn’t I see it coming? There’s no way I thought, “Hey, here’s some mud. I think I’ll slow down my trajectory, push my goals further off, and walk around in this crap for awhile.”

Resistance only occurs with movement.

Our blessing and curse as humans is our desire for more. Not more “stuff” (yet don’t get me started on the lie that is Black Friday), but more out of life. More energy. More recognition. More challenges. Cool, I know I can do that thing, now I wanna move on and do that other thing! It never ends. More more more. What we forget – every time – is that getting to the next level requires change. Everybody wants change. Nobody wants to go through change.

In order to become more than what we were yesterday, we must accept change. It’s a vicious, delicious, singularly human cycle. MUDIf you’re feeling sluggish, heartbroken, hopeless, angry, humiliated, resentful, rejected, etc. know that you’re definitely growing through something. Question is, are you going to see it as something that is happening to you? Or are you going to plant your ass down, push your fingers through the mud, and say, “Thanks, Yin – it’s because of you I will also have Yang. Bigger, better Yang.”